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The Dead Rabbits was the name of an Irish American criminal street gang active in Lower Manhattan in the s to s.

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The Westies were a New York City -based Irish American organized crime gang, responsible for racketeeringdrug traffickingand contract killing. According to crime author T. Englishgrand rapids michigan dating sites never more than twelve to twenty members—depending on who was in or out of jail at any given time— the Westies became synonymous with the last generation of Irish in the birthplace of the Irish Mob.

In the early s, Mickey Spillane stepped into a power vacuum that had existed in Hell's Kitchen since gang leaders fled the area in the early s to avoid prosecution. A mobster from Queens, named Hughie Mulliganhad been running Hell's Kitchen; Spillane, a native, was his apprentice until assuming leadership. Spillane sent flowers free dating site israel neighbors in the hospital and provided turkeys to needy families during Thanksgivingin addition to running gambling enterprises such as bookmaking and policyaccompanied inevitably by loansharking.

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Loansharking led to assault, and Spillane had burglary arrests as well. He was able to add to his neighborhood prominence by marrying Maureen McManus, a daughter of the prestigious McManus family which had run the Midtown Democratic Club since The union of political power with criminal activity enhanced the gang's ability to control union jobs and labor racketeering, moving away from the declining waterfront and more strongly into construction jobs and service work at the New York ColiseumMadison Square Gardenand later the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

In the s, the Irish mob saw an increased threat location hookup app the Italian Mafia as the Genovese crime family sought control over the soon to be built Jacob K. Since bar girls in vietnam convention center was located in Spillane's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, Spillane refused to allow any involvement by the Italians.

Although the Italian gangsters greatly outed the Irish mob, Spillane was successful in keeping control of the convention center and Hell's Kitchen.

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Coonan recruited the infamous DeMeo after a deal was struck between the two. By rubbing out Spillane, DeMeo's crew would then do business with his successor. DeMeo initially came into contact with Coonan after the latter had murdered and dismembered loan shark Ruby Stein. The war began when lesiban dating sites year old Coonan swore revenge against Spillane, following the Spillane-initiated kidnapping and pistol whipping of Coonan's father. InCoonan fired a machine gun at Spillane and his associates from atop a Hell's Kitchen tenement building.

Although Coonan wounded no one, Spillane understood that the younger hoodlum was not to be taken lightly. Spillane went to Coonan's columbia dating sites, slapped him around and told him to get his son under control.

Coonan was imprisoned for a short period for murder and kidnapping charges that were pleaded down to Class C Manslaughter. He was released in late and continued his war with the Westside Gang. Hell's Kitchen was no longer safe for Spillane and his family, and he moved to the then-Irish working-class neighborhood of Woodside, Queens.

With Spillane gone, his control of the rackets in Hell's Kitchen began to deteriorate; Coonan became the neighborhood's boss, although some still viewed Spillane as boss. Anthony Salernoa high-ranking member of the Genovese crime familywanted the center gentlemens club in miami himself and reached an agreement with Jimmy Coonan.

If Coonan became boss, Salerno would run the construction site and give Coonan a taste of the proceeds. Cummiskey had apparently switched sides to the Coonan camp after they both killed and dismembered Patrick "Paddy" Dugan for killing Cummiskey's best friend, top 5 beaverton dating sites but Salerno and Sullivan were not aware of the switch. Devaney and Cummiskey were killed in lateand Kapatos was killed in January Spillane was out of the picture, and Coonan was the undisputed boss of Hell's Kitchen.

It was felt that Spillane still had to die. Mickey Featherstone stood trial for the murder and was found not guilty.

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During the late s, Coonan tightened the alliance between the Westies and the Gentlemans club london, then run by Paul Castellano. Coonan's main contact was Roy DeMeo. In both Coonan and Featherstone were acquitted of the murder of a bartender, Harold Whitehead. Although both Westies leaders were imprisoned in — Coonan on gun possession charges, Featherstone on a federal counterfeiting rap — the gambling, loansharking, and union shakedowns continued on the West Side.

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dating site tender Coonan eventually interacted directly with John Gottiwho took over the Gambinos after Castellano's murder in December Gotti appointed Joe Watts as the liaison to the Westies.

Best adult sex dating site time to time, the Westies worked for the Gambinos as a contract killer squad. Featherstone was convicted of murder in early and began cooperating with the government in hopes of getting the conviction overturned, and because he believed the rest of the Westies had framed him for the murder.

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The information he and his wife Sissy provided, and the recordings they helped make, achieved this aim. In September the prosecutor who oversaw Featherstone's conviction told the presiding judge that post-conviction investigation had revealed that Featherstone was innocent. The judge overturned the verdict. At that point the information provided by the Featherstones resulted in the arrest of Coonan and several other Westies on state charges of murder and other crimes.

Shortly afterward, federal prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani announced a devastating RICO indictment against Coonan and others for criminal activities going back twenty years. Featherstone testified in open court for four weeks in the trial that began in September and concluded with major convictions in Other leading gang members were also sentenced to long prison sugar mummy dating site in south africa, including McElroy, who dating site for foodies sentenced to 60 years, and Richard "Mugsy" Ritter, a career criminal sentenced to 40 years on loan-sharking and drug related charges.

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By the early s, the old demographic of the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood was disappearing. The blue-collar Irish-American community was being displaced by a more affluent and ethnically diverse group of residents.

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With this change came a decrease in street crime and a change in leadership. Bosko Radonjichsex site dating American-Serbian nationalist and onetime anti-communist started his Westies affiliation as a low-level associate of Jimmy Coonan in AroundRadonjich fled the country to avoid jury tampering charges. He was eventually arrested by U. Customs officials during a stopover in Miami, Florida, in However, Radonjich was released when the main witness in the case, Sammy Gravanowas deemed unreliable.

Radonjich returned to his native Serbia where he operated a casino and nightclub until he died in from poor health. When Michael G. Cherkasky, chief chatham strip club the investigations division of the district attorney's office, was asked how much still remained of the Westies, he said: "Too much," and that "it's not the end" of the gang. sex meetup apps uk free

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Irish-American organized crime gang. This article is about an Irish American gang.

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For other uses, see Westies disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March 2, New York: Most trusted dating site. ISBN Retrieved New York: HarperCollins, Murder Machine. Penguin Publishing, Organized crime groups in New York City. Tanglewood Boys. Hells Angels Pagans. Clair's gang. MS Sur Organized crime groups in the Americas.

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Ashkenazum Puccio family Zwi Migdal. See: Organized crime groups in Canada. South Brooklyn Boys Tanglewood Boys. Native Mob.