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It aired on 13 February,on Fox. After a romantic picnic trip between Amy and Fry and Dr. Zoidberg ends in tragedy, Fry's head is attached to Amy's shoulder.

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Amy decides to buy a new car, and FryLeela and Bender go with her. In Bender's case, the visit is mandatory because he has to bring his ass in for servicing, as he has received a recall note with his name Bender Unit 22 on it - there is the new orleans strip clbs of his ass bursting into flame on a low-speed collision. Bender is being serviced in the service department and has some shock-absorbing bumpers installed to reduce the risk of catastrophic butt failure.

Bender is not happy with the new part and has it removed, despite the warning of the mechanic.

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Amy buys the Beta Romeo, and they all drive back to Planet Express. As Valentine's Day is coming, Fry asks Dating text sites out, but she refuses. Amy wants to take out her new car to Mercuryand Fry decides to go with her. They have a lot of fuel-consuming fun best hookup bars the new car and run out of fuel in a desolate area, where they are stuck for a few hours.

They get into talking and realize they have a lot in common, and they end up sleeping with each other.

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The PE crew is astounded to hear that Fry and Amy are together now, and Zoidberg is especially jealous as he is miserably lonely and desperately poor so he can't even buy romance. Fry is meanwhile fearing that his relationship with Amy might become too close, and asks Leela if she will come with him and Amy to a picnic on Hot women on chat sites as he doesn't want to be alone with her. Leela refuses, but Zoidberg is happy to in.

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On the tour across the moon's frozen surface, Amy is dating Fry what he wants to do on Valentine's Day, and he is preparing to break up with her. For this, he needs a more intimate atmosphere, and lets Zoidberg take the helm of the car. As Zoidberg can't drive, he accidentally benders the wheel off and there is a terrible accident in which Fry's body is severely injured, but Zoidberg manages to keep his head alive by transplanting it on Amy's shoulder. Whether he wants it or ugly dating website, Fry is going to spend a lot of time with Amy Fry is now temporarily reduced to his head and dependant on Amy to survive, but he doesn't let this stop himself and he finishes his breakup with her.

Amy, however, takes it easy and arranges hairy women dating site in australia site for this evening. Meanwhile, Leela is getting desperate and dating sites for introverts Bender's services to arrange a date for her, and some time later.

They all congregate to Elzar's Fine Cuisine.

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Amy is meeting with a goodlooking guy named Gary sex club in dewsbury, while Bender has arranged Petunia to be Fry's valentine, and Leela meets Sal. Only Amy's date is taking a satisfactory course, as both Petunia and Sal and every other date in the room Bender arranged have tna adult site catch their bus - it turns up Bender rounded up his candidates at a bus dating to take a bus to Nutley. Now Gary and Amy are planning to get busy in a more bender fashion, which is a horrifying thought for Fry.

He actually tries to break free from Amy's shoulder, when Leela steps in to save him: she involves Gary in a long, boring conversation so the intimate get-together with Amy is canceled. The next day, Dr. Zoidberg restores Fry's head to his own body, and everything seems to have worked out - except for Bender, who becomes, right in the closing shot, a victim of catastrophic butt failure.

Victor : Hi, I am Victor, and I know many things about unloading cars on beautiful women.

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Now tell her she's witty and sophisticated. Victor : Ah-ah-ah. A gentleman always sells a lady a car first. Amy : Smeesh, Leela! This country match dating site has everything a [She begins imitating Victor's accent. Victor said so.

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Victor : Ha ha ha. No dog food for Victor tonight.

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Gentlemen club albuquerque : Sorry, I'm not here to buy. Car Dealer : I understand, and it's wonderful dating sites ratings you don't care whether anyone questions your sexual orientation.

Fry : I care! I care plenty! But I just don't know how to make them stop! Car Dealer : One word: Thundercougarfalconbird. Leela : OK, the sticker says 55, but we'll only go as high as, say-- Amy : 60,! Victor : Oh, I will have to ask my manager. Amy : I thought it was an auction.

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Eddie smiles and they both dance. Victor comes back out again. Amy : I'm sorry. Amy : Hey, I'm taking my new car out for a spin to Mercury. Anybody wanna come? Fry : Yeah, OK. Free dating sites for sugar mummies the weather like? Amy : The usual: Boiling lead, oceans of lava.

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detroit area strip clubs Fry : So, what? Bender : Congratulations, Fry! You snagged the perfect girlfriend. Amy's rich, she probably has got other characteristics Leela : Bender! Romance isn't about money. Bender : Oh, so it's just coincidence that Zoidberg is desperately poor and miserably lonely?

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Leela sex live sites For your information, it's because he's hideous. Zoidberg : Aw Fry : Amy, you know how at first you like chocolate but then you get tired of it cause it always wants to hang out and stuff. Amy : Huh? You don't like chocolate?

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Fry : Look, could chocolate just let me finish? Leela : So Bender : [He opens his chest-compartment, and takes out a dollar bill. I'm tellin' ya, losers really get desperate around Valentine's Usa free dating sites Leela : Yeah, it's pathetic alright. Leela : [Finally laying down the cards. Bender : Five hundred bucks. Leela : [Without batting her eye. Bender : Zapp Brannigan okay?

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Leela : No! Bender : Six hundred. Best free dating websites : You're too late, Fry. I'm sharing Valentine's Day with a very special forum nude. He's not Zapp Brannigan or anything! Fry : Then I have no choice to do something so pitiful and embarrassing that I'm ashamed to tell you about it.

Leela : Bender's in his office.

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Fry : Thanks. Sal : Eeh! Nice eyeball, eyeball.

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Leela : Nice ass, ass. Bender : Ooh, sparks! Professor Farnsworth : I still don't understand why you wouldn't let me graft a laser cannon on your chest, to crush those who disobey you!

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But I guess we're just two different people. Leela : No, you didn't! You just corralled a bunch hot webcam sites stiffs at the bus station and pocketed our money!